Instruction Sheets and Hookup Diagrams




15 Channel Timer (Single Start)       Six Shooter Worksheet      Single Start Dual Six Shooter 

                                                                Six Shooter Worksheet Snyder Option

15 Ch. timer with a MSD 2 Step
15 Channel Timer (Dual Start)         Six Shooter Worksheet      Dual Six Shooter Worksheet 15 Channel Timer (Single Start)
3rd Gen Timer 15 Channel Timer (Dual Start)
Timed Air Pressure Regulator                  Programming Worksheet 15 Channel Timer (Lenco Start)
8 Ch. Timer 15 Channel Timer (Top Fuel)
RPM Switch 15 Channel Timer (Dual Six Shooters)
Single Timer 3rd Gen Timer (Single Start)
Crank Triggers 3rd Gen Timer (Dual Start)
TDC Sensors 3rd Gen Timer (Lenco Start)
Power Module 3rd Gen Timer (Dual Six Shooters)
Super Power Module Top Fuel Ignition System Diagram 
Pit Clock Top Fuel Ignition System Block Diagram 
Air to Electric Logs 5 Channel Relay Board 
Clutch Controller MSD 8971 Power Harness 
Top Fuel Safety Box Driver / Safety Box Operated Chute Control
Funny Car Safety Box  Change Over Switch Hookup Diagram
Top Alcohol Dragster Safety Box  TF Command Module Safety Box wiring
Top Alcohol Funny Car Safety Box  Alky Command Module Safety Box wiring
A-Fuel Dragster Safety Box
Top Fuel Ignition Tester
Timing Monitor/Tachometer